How Ultra Tech Keeps on Top of the World

Air Liquide CEO Paul Burlingame reveals the secrets of cross-cultural business agility and  how to survive the current trade wars.

If your job is to make and sell seemingly magic thin films, four-atoms thick, that keeps computer chips and solar cells literally lightning fast, where in the world do you find the latest innovation?  And when you do, how do you profitably take advantage?  Paul Burlingame, head of Air Liquide Advanced Materials is constantly inventing new ways to work better within the traditional semi-conductor bastions, like Japan and Korea, as well as the emerging centers in Switzerland and Finland.  To this constant global hunt for mushrooming talent, invention, and clients, Paul brings an immense international agility, enabling both his team and his company to play profitably in a myriad of cultures.

How Ultra Tech Keeps on Top of the World

Guest: Paul Burlingame

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