The Man Who’s Remaking Marketing

When the big players: Amazon, Coca Cola, Facebook, Leggo, Ford Motors, face product trouble and they just cannot understand why – they call on Christian Madsbjerg. He and his company ReD Associates are totally transforming the old, flawed marketing models that are so popular and so inaccurate. Host Bart Jackson invites Madsbjerg on to discuss what’s wrong with the big-data and impersonal survey methods employed by most firms and why they simply do not reflect human reality. To find out how Leggo blocks can compete in the digital-screen-oriented age, and what Ford truck owners really want out of their vehicle, Madsbjerg insists that we need human contact, not algorithms. In his immensely well received books Sensemaking and Moment of Clarity he shows how business has been lured into false assumption by “weapons of math destruction” and how a more anthropological approach is need to get us back on track.

The Man Who’s Remaking Marketing

Guest: Christian Madsbjerg

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