Rising Profitably from the Ashes

Photo of Marty Metro

Can you really resurrect a company that has cratered and plunged you into debt? Well, like the mythical Phoenix of Eld, Host Bart Jackson’s latest guest, Mr. Marty Metro has achieved this near-unique entrepreneurial feat with his firm Used Cardboard Boxes Company. Metro’s firm has bootstrapped itself from begging at banks for payroll, on up to becoming a highly profitable supplier of Walmart. And through the entire metamorphosis, this entrepreneur kept the same product. You don’t need to plunge into debt to learn the Metro method of assessing your company/career, finding where you stand, and how to apply a new direction. This is a true parable that can help all of us do a little bootstrapping on our own. Tune in, be fascinated, and learn. He is a man with his own ideas. http://www.UsedCardboardBoxes.com

Rising Profitably from the Ashes

Guest: Marty Metro

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