Pirates, Treasure Hunters, and Archeologists

Archeologist Chris Macort unearths & traces the riches of wild successful pirate prince Captain Sam Bellamy. Who’s got the treasure now? Who really gets rich from pirates’ loot? Come aboard and trace the revenue stream originally and ill-gottenly gained by pirate Captain Sam Bellamy who profitably plundered scores of ships throughout the Caribbean at the dawn of the 18th Century. Host Bart Jackson brings on underwater field archeologist Christopher Macort who leads an ongoing expedition sifting the sunken remains of Bellamy’s ship, The Whydah, which sank in a storm right off Cape Cod (the home of his lady love) in 1717. Bellamy, the Bill Gates of pirates, had parceled out 50-pound gold and silver sacks as shares for each of his 145-man crew. Macort tells how the pirates fared, how the ensuing treasure hunters made out, and what he and expedition founder Barry Gifford are bringing up from the depths. Want to know how pirates lived & died, how archeologists actually unearth these riches, and where you may now view some of this astounding wealth?

Pirates, Treasure Hunters, and Archeologists

Guest: Chris Macort

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