Percussion’s Brightest Pioneer – The Amazing Lisa Pegher

Photo of Lisa Pegher

Some innovations are so powerful they require a separate business to present them. Host Bart Jackson’s guest, musician Lisa Pegher has shattered the old symphonic mold of drummers and percussionists languishing in the orchestra’s back row, like accompanying wallpaper. Noted as one of the top six performers of her generation, the inventive Ms. Pegher has taken her virtuoso percussionist talents out to stage front, in concert of with the nation’s top symphonic orchestras. Yet even these superb musicians cannot quite keep pace. To better showcase her ever-evolving compositions, Lisa has formed Controlled Chaos, a new band that is in demand in both traditional and avant musical venues. Tune in and discover the business strategies of moving a revolutionary sound into global prominence in the competitive world of performance. Also, for your delight, savor a taste of the newest array of percussive music.

Percussion’s Brightest Pioneer – The Amazing Lisa Pegher

Guest: Lisa Pegher

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