Passive Selling = More Profits, Less Hustle

When it comes to selling, it’s not how hard you hustle, but how masterfully you create the point of sale.  So says Brian Greenberg, serial entrepreneur whose enterprises have grossed over $100 million, and whose The Salesman who doesn’t Sell – A Marketing Guide to making Money While you Sleep is a must read.  Host Bart Jackson invites Brian aboard to help you forge a business presence that will lure buyers to your shop/site/enterprise. Together, Bart and Brian discuss practical tactics for building a customer-centered, trustworthy reputation, making the most out of reviews, the art of the reciprocal client relationship, and more.  Tune in and learn how to make that passive selling dream of less sweat and more profits a practical reality and get your free e-book.

Passive Selling = More Profits, Less Hustle

Guest: Brian Greenberg

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