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Photo of Nadine Savino

Growing Rich Over Spilt Milk – An Entrepreneur’s Tale

Mom Nadine Savino was faced with a poorly designed drink bottle for her toddler, she saw a basic need – and a solution. This inventive mother went out and designed a spill-proof, stretchable bottle cap that allows bottles to tip…

Photo of Joseph Petrovics

Business Meets Art – Life of a Top Sculptor

Follow top sculptor Joseph Petrovics as he imagines – creates – and moves a work of art to salability. Joseph Petrovics has created the 9/11 World Trade Center firefighters’ memorial, monumental pieces for St. John the Divine cathedral, well known…

Photo of Kenneth Kamen

The Internet: The Most Dangerous Source of Financial Advice

Data is not wisdom. Today’s internet allows us to get more fiscal data, accompanied by a truly overwhelming amount of advice. But is this “news” based on agendas that bear no relation to wisely investing your hard-earned dollars? Host Bart…

Photo of Sherri Waryasz

Laughing Your Way to Success – and Fun

You heard about the attorney with no sense of humor didn’t you? He lost his appeal.  Host Bart Jackson (master of Business Quips) joins forces with guest Sherri Waryasz, the Queen of Laughter for a rollicking, riotous feast.  Isn’t it…

Photo of Martin Shenkman

Tales of Estate Planning – Lessons from Experience

Hear the one about the guy who left his business to his brother-in-law’s niece, without knowing it?  The difference between the overwhelming complexities of estate law and astrophysics is that you truly do hold the opportunity to take control of…