Masters of Business & Well-Being

Megan McNealy insists that doing well in your career does not magically produce well-being, but the reverse can indeed be true: a personal state of well-being can drive your career joyfully forward. To prove her point, Megan goes straight to the achievement-envy list, from the CEO of Starbucks to the board chair of Tesla, to discover and share the well-being attitudes and disciplines of the successful. Host Bart Jackson invites Megan to discuss the 18 spokes depicted in her just-released book Reinvent the Wheel – How Top Leaders Leverage Well-Being for Success. Get set for a few arguments and challenges as Bart hurls doubts at several of Megan’s cherished suppositions. Tune in for a fascinating dialectic guaranteed to help you better craft your own well-being.

Masters of Business & Well-Being

Guest: Megan McNealy

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