In the Face of Disaster – Call World Cares

Immediately following the September 11th devastation in Manhattan, private citizen Lisa Orloff displayed the desperately needed ability to organize all the volunteers into a life-saving, recovery force. From this platform, Lisa launched the World Cares Center, training and coordinating volunteers into a Ready Responders Network that effectively reacts in the face of disaster to reduce suffering and restore communities. Host Bart Jackson invites Lisa to share her tales about resurrection campaigns waged in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, Superstorm Sandy and catastrophes worldwide. Lisa details the management strategies of empowering volunteers, the art of forging working connections with other non-profits and private businesses, and helping communities save them selves in mid-crisis. Tune in and learn how a master unites individuals and organizations with coordinated tasks, all feeding a common goal.

In the Face of Disaster – Call World Cares

Guest: Lisa Orloff

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