Growth Strategy to the Max: A Tale of Two Women

Want your firm to grow? Listen and learn from this tale of two women.  Attorneys Rosanne DeTorres and Erin DeGeorge founded D and D Family Law in 2011 and made the conscious choice to grow it to the max. Think over their strategies, their use of data, the areas they pondered and improved – then apply it to your firm.  Host Bart Jackson invites guest Rosanne DeTorres to share her story of how she expanded D and D family Law literally by the numbers.  Her use of easily available statistics and studies, along with her intense scrutiny of the customer experience from the parking lot to the inner office sanctum offer an ideal model for your own company.  Tune in and follow this tale of hard-wrought success.


Growth Strategy to the Max: A Tale of Two Women

Guest: Rosanne DeTorres

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