Elftalk – Santa’s Workshop Motivators Revealed

Photo of Jeanne Murphy

How can a remote enterprise create inventory all year, then distribute it entirely within one winter’s evening? As the crunch time draws near, how does the jolly old saint and CEO urge his elves on to peak performance, but still mysteriously keep that festive, joyous aura throughout the workshop? What wise counsel does Ms. Claus provide behind the scenes? Just how competitive is it to win a slot pulling Santa’s sleigh? Host Bart Jackson imports Saint Nick’s Chief Executive Elf, CEE Jeanne Murphy fresh from the North Pole to answer these questions and unravel a score of mysteries that put Santa on the enviable top of every child’s list. Tune in and learn the many real and timeless truths this less-than-lean manufacturing team has to offer us all. Ho Ho Ho.

Elftalk – Santa’s Workshop Motivators Revealed

Guest: Jeanne Murphy

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