Elf Talk – Santa’s North Pole Innovations

Photo of Jeanne Murphy

How does Santa, Inc. do it?  How does Saint Nick motivate his team to such inhuman productivity?  How does he handle all the logistics with virtually no middle management?  Are the rumors of new transportation innovations true?  And what part does Ms. Claus play in battling burnout in her beloved CEO?  Host Bart Jackson has, at no little expense, reindeered down Santa’s CEE (chief executive elf) Ms. Jeanne Murphy to reveal Kris Kiringle’s executive techniques.  Tune in and learn how tradition and passion triumphs once more over technology.  (And amidst all the fun, pick up a few insightful takeaways that will put a lot more Ho Ho Ho  in your career.)

Elf Talk – Santa’s North Pole Innovations

Guest: Jeanne Murphy


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