Company Culture – Yours for the Crafting

You can feel it when it’s really good – and you can smell it when it’s not. A company’s culture comprises the way it does business, the way staff and management interact, and more importantly the spirit and values behind those interactions. And wise corporate leaders are finally discovering that they can direct and encourage that organically growing culture. How? Host Bart Jackson gives solid discussion with corp-culture expert Bretton Putter, founding CEO of London-based CultureGene, and author of Culture Decks Decoded. Mr. Putter explains why a value-driven, positive corporate culture is vital for obtaining top talent – and keeping them. He blazes the path for turning your firm’s culture into a tangible asset. Tune in and learn the dollars and sense of proactively crafting the culture of your business.

Company Culture – Yours for the Crafting

Guest: Bretton Putter

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