Clever Business Moves You Wish You’d Made

Photo of Bart Jackson

There’s a gold rush on, but everybody else is after that mother lode. You want to launch a stock exchange, but the big competing exchanges already have the major companies under contract. Publishers find themselves undercut by the great self-published book avalanche. In each case, one very clever individual stepped into these impossible situations and discovered a unique and wildly profitable solution. Host Bart Jackson sets up a series of real, crushingly challenging business climates and then introduces you to those inventive entrepreneurs who made the most out of what nobody else envisioned. This is the ultimate takeaway show. Tune in and learn how to explode the eyes out of a jack-o-lantern, and then transform such tricks into global fame and more companies than your magician father ever dreamed of.

Clever Business Moves You Wish You’d Made

Guest: Bart Jackson

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