Changing of the Chair – Bloodlessly

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Sometimes you just have to change horses in midstream. Succession, like death, comes knocking at the most inconvenient times. Host Bart Jackson brings on as featured guest Pastor Dave Davis, Chair of the Trustees of the Presbyterian Foundation. This fiscal arm for all the Presbyterian churches in the US raises, cajoles, invests, sets mission strategies for, and distributes its $60 million dollars annually to broadly enhance the faith and better the lives of folks worldwide. From aiding a new Palestinian business in the ancient city of Jericho to refurbishing a clergy retirement home in Pennsylvania, this group makes the decisions and makes sure it happens effectively. Recently, after eight years on the board, Pastor Davis is stepping down and passing the torch to another chairperson. Despite some unsettling times in the church and contended decisions, Foundation CEO Tom Taylor is taking this change with the calm confidence of a Christian with four aces. Dave explains why, and provides tips for a smooth changing of the management.

Changing of the Chair – Bloodlessly

Guest: Pastor Dave Davis

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