Celebrity Fitness Star Foils Human Trafficking

Of America’s 260,000 professional fitness trainers, Ramona Braganza has muscled herself up to the pinnacle. As celebrity fitness guru to stars, Ramona and her lavish fitness trailer are regulars on the Hollywood sets for the likes of Anne Hathaway, Michael Weatherly and more. Her 3-2-1 Fitness, Nutrition, and “Loose the Baby Bulge” books and tapes are best sellers. Host Bart Jackson invites Ramona to discuss her climb up the physical fitness ladder, and to tell of her 3-2-1 Empower project in which Ramona rescues victims of human trafficking, giving them hope and training as fitness instructors. Tune in and learn the sad truth about how human trafficking is a global tragedy – and the inspiring story of how it may be defeated.

Celebrity Fitness Star Foils Human Trafficking

Guest: Ramona Braganza

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