The Business of Restoring After Disaster

Who can clean up a church after the Twin Towers have crashed all around it?  Who gives people back their homes when Hurricane Sandy smashes all they own?  Who gets folks back to work after a 51st story fire in a skyscraper?  The hero in each of these catastrophes is host Bart Jackson’s guest, Mr. Damon Gersh, CEO of Maxons Restorations, Inc.  Recent recipient of The Art of the CEO’s Community Contributor Award, Maxon’s Restorations is in the business of giving people back their lives after disaster strikes.  Gersh and his crew are the ones who wade in after fire, flood, and storm to save everything from priceless art to shattered walls.  His business is dangerous, painstaking, highly technical, and, alas, never ending. Tune in and learn how the experts clean up after Nature doles out its worst.

The Business of Restoring After Disaster

Guest: Damon Gersh

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