Business Meets Art – Life of a Top Sculptor

Photo of Joseph Petrovics

Follow top sculptor Joseph Petrovics as he imagines – creates – and moves a work of art to salability.

Joseph Petrovics has created the 9/11 World Trade Center firefighters’ memorial, monumental pieces for St. John the Divine cathedral, well known governmental commissions, as well as highly popular abstract pieces in wood, bronze, and stone. When not instructing Americas young, up-and-coming elite, he labors in his studio, transforming his dreams and visions into the tangible. All the while, Joseph is an independent businessman. His art must not only meet his own idealized standards – it must be salable.
How does a sculptor, even a top sculptor, make his work known and purchased? How does one transform a 20-inch model of clay into a 16-foot bronze monument? Now, Joseph has brought to life a new life-size model of a very unusual, emotionally-gripping horse. Tune in and learn what tools and energy brought it from his mind to his studio, and what steps it must take to move from studio into the pubic view?

Business Meets Art – Life of a Top Sculptor

Guest: Joseph Petrovics

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