A Bold Plan for the Next Super Storms

What do you think?  Should we just wait for the next Sandy-style super storm to smack us, then shell out another $72 billion in repairs – or should we adopt some preventative protection for our coastlines at about a fifth that cost?  Crusading, former Massachusetts state Senator Bill Golden fervently opts for the latter, and with host Bart Jackson, he discusses his plan to erect proven Storm SurgeBarriers along our most vulnerable population centers.  To practically engineer and fund raise this system, Bill has founded The National Institute for Coastal and Harbor Infrastructure.  In addition, Bill is planning an amazing sailing venture to cruise the shores of North America to help raise awareness of the sea-level rise, climate change and storm threats.  We need more leaders like this one. Tune in and learn how one hard-campaigning career public servant is forging solid solutions to a very real threat.

A Bold Plan for the Next Super Storms

Guest: Bill Golden

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