The Benefit$ of the New Business Etiquette

Courtesy, my friend, is kindness which not only boosts your reputation, it literally boosts your own stock – (stock people take of you and that they hold in your company.) Host Bart Jackson invites the reigning guru of business etiquette, Ms. Mary Mitchell, noted author, columnist and international consultant, to show how to conduct yourself and your business most personally – and most beneficially.  What are the most beneficial procedures for using the smartphone – making texts – sending e-mails – and dealing with all the new communication methods?  In those many personal face-to-face communications, what are the most polite and effective words & methods of behavior?  If you are a person of good character, tune in find the best ways of letting folks see your optimum side.

The Benefit$ of the New Business Etiquette

Guest: Mary Mitchell

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