Achieving Your Highest Performance – What It Takes

What does it take to fly with the Blue Angels – flying jets at Mach 1, wingtips inches apart, forming terrifying maneuvers with the world’s best aerial acrobatic team? John Foley, former Blue Angels lead solo pilot joins Host Bart Jackson to tell exactly what is the right stuff to reach this rarefied air. And, more important to you, John translates the art of cultivating those vital abilities into your own career. Whether you are leading yourself or an entire corporation, John lays out a pathway for your achieving, as his book titles it, “Fearless Success – Beyond High Performance.” John’s personal example and insightful strategies guide you in connecting to a purpose greater than yourself, battling petrifying fear, earning trust, gaining respect, and the resiliency to gain a Glad to Be Here mindset. Tune in and discover just how high you can take yourself.

Achieving Your Highest Performance – What It Takes

Guest: John Foley

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