What Business Doesn’t Know About Legislators – & Needs To

Photo of Linda Greenstein

All right ladies & genetlmen of business, it’s time for you to stop being so frightened of laws and lawmakers, and start seeing their advantage for your firms. As an Election Day Special, host Bart Jackson invites New Jersey Senator Linda Greenstein on as guest to set the record straight about Political Parties – the Environment – Unions – Minimum Wage – Taxes – and which laws & lawmakers are proving themselves business friendly. Prepare to let go of your misconceptions and learn the many profitable benefits in dealing with government – the correct way. This will be a hot one you do not want to miss.

New Jersey State Senator Linda Greenstein is one of the most publically dedicated public servants it has been my privilege to know.  Linda began her public service in 1994 on the West Windsor Plainsboro board of Ed; then the Plainsboro township Committee and served on our General Assembly beginning in 2000 and for the last 4 years she has been our state’s senator – Serving as Asst. Majority Leader.

What Business Doesn’t Know About Legislators – & Needs To

Guest: Linda Greenstein

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