Investing in Startups – Do I Dare?

Photo of Jaime Raskulinecz

Putting your money in on the ground floor of a new enterprise makes for one of the most exciting – and risky – investment rides. The profit potential is dazzling. And recently the avenues for early round investing have just gotten more plentiful and confusing. Host Bart Jackson invites Next Generation Trust Services founder Ms. Jaime Raskulinecz to guide us through the Labyrinthine maze of choices. Jaime and Bart will examine accredited and non-accredited investor portals, crowdfunding, angel funding, and more. Want to better your early-stage investment odds with a solid knowledge of the risks and advantages?  Tune in and get informed.

Investing in Startups – Do I Dare?

Guest: Jaime Raskulinecz


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