10 Reasons for Hope in 2017

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Listen to the real facts and take heart: Why 2017 will make your life richer, your career thrive and your ventures flourish.

Wake up and smell the facts: 2017 is the year perched and primed to be your best year ever.  Host Bart Jackson spells out solid, factual reasons as to exactly how this new year holds out the best hope for your personal life, your career and the many ventures into which you may plunge.  Better business support systems – expanded markets – more and more eager investors – the craving for fine talent (like you) – greater entrepreneurial advantages and funding – galvanizing of ethical and environmental forces…Oh, he can go on forever.  Forget all the media moanings and the political chess-boarding.  This is your year, my friend.  Tune in and let Bart spell out why and where your opportunities lie.  Come get ‘em, Tiger.

10 Reasons for Hope in 2017

Guest: Bart Jackson

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