photo of Bart Jackson Bart Jackson is the authoritative curator of business’s best and worst practices. Over his thirty years as journalist, author, and radio host, he has gathered and penned literally volumes of optimum tactics for making your career thrive and your company to flourish. And, with a wry smile, he’ll lay out a swarm of blunderful examples to avoid that have laid others low.

He frequently speaks on such topics as CEO of Yourself, Navigating Tough Business Challenges, and The Shark Fin Soup Method of Management.

His career-long mission of discerning and distilling business wisdom has led Bart on a ceaseless global chase through 80-some countries, interviewing working men and women who have value to share.

Such employable wisdom may be a trading technique from a Mongolian reindeer herder, or an innovative perspective from a Nobel economic laureate or head of state. It may be a carefully-wrought growth strategy embraced several major CEOs or personal philosophy best exemplified by a Colorado investment banker and a New Jersey shell fisherman. Effective strategies know no boundaries.

Bart’s thousands of business articles have appeared in newspapers and journals worldwide. He’s authored a dozen books, including Behind Every Successful Woman Is Herself, So That’s How They Do It – Tactics of Business Masters, 101 Best Business Quips and The Art of the CEO which inspired his popular radio show of the same name. Bart currently serves as founding CEO of Prometheus Publishing, and its division BartsBooks Ultimate Business Guides. Previously, he founded Biz4NJ, the New Jersey online business journal.

Jovially, Bart refers to himself as the Hieronymus Bosch of Business – able to ferret the best and most bizarre elements in the working world, and depict them as emotionally-charged, applicable lessons. In a velvet glove of humor and true business stories, Bart presents granite-solid tools that help professionals discover their innate talents and offer solutions to their challenges. After all, wisdom flies in most agreeably on the wings of laughter.

Domestically and abroad Bart has presented at countless individual companies, professional organizations, the Book Expo of America, and the Harvard Writer’s Club. He is a frequent guest on national radio and TV talk shows. Bart has delivered keynote speeches to both faculty and student groups at the most prestigious of India’s Institutes of Management, and he was invited to speak at President Lech Walesa’s request before the newly formed Polish senate.

Bart primarily speaks on what’s new and what’s working in specific fields of business. He will customize his talk, and create/facilate a panel for your industry and audience.


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Wine Tastings
As author of The Garden State Wineries Guide and a vintner himself, Bart willingly shares the vintages and stories of how the Best wines of New Jersey continue to triumph over the best of France and California. Skeptical? Oh Taste and see.

Business Quips
Need a little fun in your next event? Why not invite Bart Jackson blend wisdom with jocularity as he shares his incorrigibly ceaseless flow of original business insights and witticisms. Bart will readily custom-tailor a quips set for your audience.

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